Important Tax Deadlines


From the Office of the Clear Creek County Treasurer


These are the last possible payment dates to avoid the Tax Lien Sale

These dates are beyond the Statutory payment due dates per CRS 39-10-104.5

July 1, 2024                                           $10.00 will be added to each parcel originally taxes @40.00 or less not yet paid.

August 1, 2024                                     Print & mail Tax Lien-Holder Endorsement Notices due by August 31, 2024

August 31, 2024                                   Last day to Pay Mobile Home and Personal Property taxes to avoid First advertising costs (39-10-109(2)(a)

September 01, 2024                           Last day to pay Any property taxes with a personal check

September 12, 2024                           First Publication of delinquent Mobile Home and Personal Property taxes

After October 1, 2024                        Mobile Home Distraints may be served by Sheriff

October 01, 2024                                Last day to pay Mobile Home and Real Property Taxes to avoid final Tax Lien Advertising costs. Must be                                                                 cash or certified funds. No credit cards.

                                                            Unable to make advertising & fee changes after close of business 10.03.24

 November 13, 2024                            Very Last day to pay any taxes to avoid Tax Lien Sale. Includes all fees & costs.

November 15, 2024                            Tax Lien Sale (Internet Auction)


Please call our office with questions. 303-679-2353 or email: