County held Tax Lien Certificates

Purchase at the Clear Creek County Treasurer's Office.

County held Tax Lien Certificates (PDF)

After the Sale

You will be issued a Tax Lien Sale Certificate of Purchase for each lien you purchase. These Certificates of Purchase are important documents. We request that the original certificates be kept in our office. We will provide a copy of each to the lien holder. As liens are redeemed you will then receive a check from our office and should note that the certificate has been redeemed on your copy.

Sub Tax

Certificate Holders may pay subsequent year's unpaid taxes for endorsement on to their Certificates. These endorsements earn the same rate of interest as the original certificate from the date that you endorse them. Notices are mailed to Certificate Holders in August of each year; however the owner may pay the current year taxes and not redeem the tax certificate. This does not affect your certificate.

If you wish to transfer a certificate, you must do this by assignment on the back of the certificate. If the transfer is to someone who is not registered as a buyer with the Treasurer's Office, they must also come in and fill out the necessary paperwork. Please remember to keep us informed of your current address.

If the property has not been redeemed within three years from the date of the sale, the Certificate Holder may apply for a Treasurer's Deed to the property. You must submit a deposit for expenses and this process can take up to six months. If the property is not redeemed a Treasurer's Deed will be issued. If the property is redeemed during this period, any expenses must be reimbursed by the person making the redemption. You will not however, receive interest on the deed deposit money.