Strategic and Community Planning

The Strategic and Community Planning Division brings together several related areas, Planning and Building Services, Housing, Recreation and Transportation Advocacy. The goal of this division is to support the County’s mission “To provide effective services while fostering sustainable economic growth and protecting our quality of life.”


The Planning and Building Services is comprised of four areas: Planning and Zoning, Site Development and our Building Department. Planning and Building Services, including permits for things like Special Events, short-term rentals, and more is one of the busiest departments in the County and the dedicated team is always striving to improve systems and service.


The Housing Department works to address systemic housing issues in Clear Creek County by developing plans for new housing and improving existing housing as well as providing resources and information to residents and landlords.

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The Clear Creek County Recreation Department collaborates to develop and improve Clear Creek County’s outdoor recreation resources and sustainably manage their use. The Recreation Department is comprised of the Open Space Coordinator and Commission and the Trails Crew. 

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The Strategic and Community Planning Division Director also serves as Transportation Liaison for the County and is responsible for transportation advocacy on issues related to I-70, working collaboratively with County stakeholders and subject matter experts to devise long and short term strategies and priorities. 

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