Which fee schedule do I need?

Department Fee Schedule Links:
  • Animal Shelter Fees such as registration, microchip-ing, adoption:  click here.
  • Archive Fees such as copies of documents, copies of certificates:  click here.
  • Building Department Fees such as new roof, remodel, new construction, new deck, etc:  click here.
  • Clear Creek Emergency Medical Services such as ambulance fees and billing:  click here.
  • Clerk and Recorder Fees for motor vehicles, recording of documents:  click here.
  • County Sheriff's Office Fees for admin, registration, VIN check:  click here.
  • County Treasurer's Fees for paying property taxes: click here.
  • Environmental Health fees such as new septic system, air quality, restaurant inspections:  click here.
  • Land Use & Planning Fees such as a subdivision plan, boundary line adjustment, plat revision:  click here.
  • Mapping and GIS fees such as copy-of-map fees, development of maps, etc:  click here.
  • Public Health fees such as vaccinations, immunizations, etc.:  click here.
  • Road Construction Permits such as new roads, utilities, etc.:  click here.
  • Site Development fees such as defensible space, wildfire prevention, driveway construction, etc.:  click here.
  • Traffic Tickets, restitution, etc. :  click here.
  • Transfer Station/Waste/Recycling Fees:  click here.