Site Development

The Clear Creek County Site Development Department administers the County’s Grading & Excavation Regulations, Driveway Standards, and Flood Damage Prevention Regulations through various permitting and approval processes.

Clear Creek County has adopted revised Grading & Excavation Regulations with updated permitting and submittal requirements.  As of February 18, 2020, a Grading & Excavation Permit is required for all proposed projects involving more than 800 square feet of land disturbance and a topographic and boundary survey is required to be submitted for all projects that propose disturbance of slopes with an existing grade of over 10%.  All projects involving an attached and/or detached garage addition require a Major Grading & Excavation Permit and shall have a permitted driveway that is compliant with current driveway standards or shall be required to obtain a Driveway Permit to construct or improve access in order to meet current driveway standards.

Please review the revised Grading & Excavation Regulations before submitting a Site Development Department permit application.

Site Development Permits

Site Development Permits are required when an individual proposes to conduct earth work activity; construct roads which are to be on private property, and will be used to provide access from any public or private road; construct improvements in the regulatory floodplain; and/or to construct retaining walls.  

Find out more about the various types of Site Development Permits required in Clear Creek County by visiting our Site Development Permits web page.  Please see the appropriate Site Development Packets for minimum submittal requirements and additional information.

Submitting Permit Applications

All permit applications must include a complete application form, the required accompanying submittal documents, and applicable permit fee. The Site Development Department is only accepting electronic submissions of permit applications.  

Please submit permit application through our online portal by visiting Clear Creek County Permit Portal.  For additional information regarding the Site Development Department administered permits, please visit our Site Development Permits web page.  

If for some reason, a permit application and required submittals cannot be provided electronically, please contact us to discuss other arrangements.

In Person Assistance and Staff Availability

The following departments are housed at the County Annex: Building, Planning, Site Development, Environmental Health, and Mapping.  Staff members will be available during the following times:  

Monday - Thursday, 7:30am to 5:30pm

It is strongly encouraged to make an appointment to meet with Site Development Department staff so that we can best meet your needs.

The County Engineer, Stoy Streepey, is available by appointment only.  If you would like to meet with Stoy, please call or email him directly to schedule a time.

Application Review

Once a complete application form and all required submittals have been accepted by the Site Development Department, please allow two weeks for the information to be reviewed.  

After the initial review has been completed, the permit applicant will receive an email with any required plan revisions or additional information needed in order to complete the review and plan approval process.  If no revisions or additional information are necessary, you will receive an email with information about the initial inspection and permit issuance.


Site Development Department Inspections can be scheduled by email, phone or online.   Find information about inspections by visiting the Site Development Department Inspections web page.

Standards & Regulations