Water Quality

Drinking Water

Access to safe drinking water is a crucial part of public health. Depending on where you are and you may get your drinking water from a public water system or a private well. 

Public Drinking Water Systems

Public drinking water systems are regulated by the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment (CDPHE). Water from these systems have to meet vigorous testing requirements and require continual monitoring. If you have concerns or experience any problems with your drinking water and are on a public water system you should contact your water service provider immediately. If you are unsure who your water provider is you can call the closest municipality to your property, or the contact the Environmental Health Department. 

Private Wells

Typically if you live outside of a municipal area your water will be supplied by a private well. If you are on a private well then the sampling and quality of the water falls solely on the owner of the well. There are no annual testing requirements, or treatment standards for private wells. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and CDPHE recommend that well owners test for coliform bacteria and nitrates annually, or whenever a change in quality is observed.

Well water can contain both naturally occurring and otherwise occurring contaminants. Please contact Clear Creek Environmental Health if there is any concern about your well water quality and information and guidance can be provided. Clear Creek County currently does not offer testing of private wells. If you are interested in test your well please find a local third party provider.  

Wells: Drilling, Permitting and Information

To obtain information regarding private wells; please contact Colorado Division of Water Resources at (303) 866-3581 or by visiting the Colorado Division of Water Resources website.

Water Quality Incidents

If you observe a water quality incident such as a spill, mining release or illegal dumping that could impact a waterway please immediately contact the CDPHE Spill Reporting Hotline at 1-877-518-5608. 

Watershed Associations in Clear Creek County

Clear Creek County has two active watershed associations dedicated to protecting and preserving water quality of our creeks, streams, lakes and rivers. For more information about their individual missions and current projects, please visit their websites:

Bear Creek Watershed Association website

Upper Clear Creek Watershed Association website