Clear Creek County is partnering with Boulder County Public Health and other health departments around the state to be "Radon Aware." The Public Health Radon Aware Colorado initiative is to reduce exposure to radioactive radon gas and the associated risk of lung cancer. 

Radon exposure leads to as many as 500 lung cancer deaths in Colorado and is the leading cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers across the United States.

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Homeowners can take actions to reduce radon in their homes. Certified contractors can install radon reduction systems to help expel radon out of the building and bring the levels down to improve the indoor air quality of your home. If you are interested in retrofitting your home with a radon mitigation system, you can locate a certified company at:

National Radon Proficiency Certified Contractors

National Radon Safety Board Certified Contractors

What can be done?

Reducing the risk caused by radon exposure is a multifaceted effort. It requires action from industry professionals, policy-makers, homeowners, landlords and beyond. 

  • Building Codes
    Local building authorities can learn about radon-resistant new construction and radon mitigation policies. Clear Creek County Building Department recently was recognized by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment for being the 16th county in Colorado to adopt and implementing "Appendix F" - Radon Control Methods for Residential New Construction.
  • Building Industry and Contractors
    Contractors can utilize radon-resistant construction techniques or become a certified radon mitigation professional.
  • Home Buyers
    Home buyers can request radon be tested for during the transfer of title process. Depending on what the results are a radon mitigation system can be retrofitted in to existing homes in an easy and inexpensive manner.
  • Landlords
    Landlords can test their properties for indoor radon levels and choose to reduce those levels through installing mitigation. Landlords can choose to inform renters, in writing, before signing a lease that the rental space was tested for radon and disclose the results.
  • Policy-Makers
    Elected officials can adopt codes and regulations in your jurisdiction to protect and reduce the risks of radon. Many communities across Colorado and the United States have already taken steps towards adopting new policies surrounding radon
  • Real Estate Professionals
    Real Estate Professionals can become versed in the world of radon so that they can better convey the risks of high radon levels to their clients. By taking a Clear Creek County Real Estate Radon course they can receive a certification and continuing education credits towards their license.

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