Child Welfare

  1. Sarah Cassano

    Director of Human Services

Hotline Number for Child Abuse & Neglect

Phone: 1-844-264-5437

Child Welfare

Our child welfare division focuses on providing trauma informed services for our community. We believe by providing services for our most vulnerable families as early as possible we help to prevent child maltreatment and strengthen families protective capacity. 

Child welfare services include:

  • Prevention and intervention services for children, youth and families at risk of involvement with child welfare.
  • Youth in conflict services reduce or eliminate conflicts between youth and their family members or community when conflicts affect the youth's well-being, the normal functioning of the family, or the well-being of the community. 
  • Child protection services are provided to protect children whose physical, mental or emotional wellbeing  is threatened by the actions or omissions of parents, legal guardians, custodians or persons responsible for providing our of home care.

What To Do If You Suspect a Child Is Being Abused or Neglected

All Colorado citizens are encouraged to report suspected abuse or neglect of children. When making a report to Child Protective Services (CPS), it is helpful to provide as much detailed information as possible about the child(ren), parents, and situation. Whenever possible, provide the following information:

  • Names and date of birth of the child(ren) and all other children in the household
  • Home address
  • School the child(ren) attends
  • Name and contact information for the parent(s) and/or caregivers
  • Place of employment (if applicable) for the parents/caregivers
  • Current location, if different from the home address
  • Reason for suspected abuse or neglect
  • Names and contact information for other family members, friends, etc. if known

    Hotline Number for Child Abuse & Neglect: Phone: 1-844-264-5437