Telecommunication Towers

If you need to construct a new telecommunications tower, or make modifications and additions to an existing tower, please reference this page. The requirements for new construction are different than modifications so please reference the correct checklist for submittal requirements.

All forms, Site Plan, and Construction Documents must be submitted at one time.  Applications that are not complete upon submittal will not be reviewed or kept on file. Only FULL and COMPLETE applications will be accepted and retained. 

Site Plans:
All applications require a Site Plan, please read carefully what the requirements of that site plan are before submitting so you are not rejected immediately. Satellite photos are NOT able to be accepted in lieu of a site plan.

Modifications: A 6409 Eligibility Form is required with all applications. Applications without this will be rejected for incompleteness. Please review checklist.

1.New Construction Checklist
2. Modifications & Alterations Checklist

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