Buying or Selling Property in Clear Creek County

Buying or selling property is a big task that can include a lot of steps and due diligence. We want to prepare you with some important information that you should know prior to purchasing or transferring property in Clear Creek County. This page will guide you through how to conduct property research using county resources, cover pertinent tax information,  and point to helpful information on zoning and permits.

Living Rural

Living in the rural, mountainous areas of Colorado can differ quite vastly from life in the city or suburbs. Clear Creek County Government strives to offer the best possible service to our residents, but there are some services that we are not able to provide.  This publication will provide some basic information on living in Clear Creek County.

The links located below will assist you on how to conduct research and what you should know when it comes to transferring Developed Land and Undeveloped Land.

If you need additional information not found on this page, please use the contacts provided.

  1. Planning Department

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    1111 Rose Street
    P.O. Box 2000
    Georgetown, CO 80444