Was there a study? What were the recommendations?

Yes. Clear Creek County issued a Request for Proposals in 2021 for a qualified firm to conduct a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of the organizational and service delivery configuration of the Sheriff’s Office. The scope for the work included the provision of recommendations for program refinements and efficiencies, new strategies for service delivery, budgeting/fiscal and resource modifications. KRW Associates was selected to conduct the review. KRW issued its final report in September 2021, which included 17 specific recommendations. Click here to read the report.

Recommendation #11 included identifying the need for a more comprehensive review of the future management of the Communications Center. KRW recommended two possible alternative courses of action. First, it was KRW’s assessment that the Center is not properly placed in the Sheriff’s Office structure and should be moved to another division. Option two identified exploring the possibility of joining Jeffcom911. KRW viewed the option as a method to ensure the continuation of high-quality dispatch services at potentially a lower cost.

In addition, in 2023, the County entered into an agreement with Talion Defense (unbiased third party) for review of dispatch services, as a requirement of joining the consortium. The review included examining each of the critical factors necessary to determine the activities, effort, risks, timeline, and costs associated with a transition to Jeffcom911 service.

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1. Why is Clear Creek County even looking into switching to Jeffcom911?
2. Was there a study? What were the recommendations?
3. How much money will this save the County?
4. Will this affect service?
5. Will the current dispatchers in the County lose their jobs?
6. Why didn’t Clear Creek County look into a partnership with Gilpin County?
7. Is Clear Creek County the only local entity looking into this?
8. How was the public informed during this process?
9. When will the switch take place?
10. Where can I find out more information?