What offices are affected?

The list of offices and departments that plan to begin the pilot on Jan. 3rd include: 

  • Assessor’s Office 
  •  Board of County Commissioners 
  •  Clerk & Recorder's Office: Elections, Motor Vehicle (in-person/walk-in), and Recording Divisions 
  • Human Resources
  •  Strategic & Community Planning 
  •  County Manager’s Office 
  • County Attorney’s Office 
  • Treasurer and Public Trustee 
  • Mapping/GIS

Not all County offices will be impacted by the switch to a four-day business week. The Sheriff's Office, Emergency Medical Services, Public Works, Transit, and Public Health will continue to operate as usual. 

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2. Why is Clear Creek County switching to a four-day work week?
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4. What offices are affected?
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