Completed Projects

County Road 170 (formerly Old Squ*w Pass) - Summer 2023

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Clear Creek County Road & Bridge wrapped up its County Road 170 $1.1 million dollar Project. County Road 170, also known as Old Squ*w Pass Road, is approximately 2.7 miles in length and provides access from Highway 103 to several residential subdivisions including Pine Valley, Pine Valley Heights, Hofer Heights, Barrows and Beaver Brook Lodge Estates. Traffic counts collected in August 2021 show over 600 vehicles per day traveling the road. 

The project consisted of various pavement patching sections followed by a 2” Hot Mix Asphalt overlay along with a new sedimentation pond, ditch regrading, shouldering, striping and traffic control. County Road 170 is due to be resurfaced in accordance with the Road & Bridge Department’s plan to maintain the County’s paved roads. Additionally, there are concerns associated with excessive erosion and sediment deposits throughout the residential community which creates costly and time-consuming maintenance work to remove sediments from roadside ditches, drainage culverts and other low-lying areas. 

The project was completed in July 2023. We thank you for your patience as we improve county roads!

Meadow View Drive Retaining Wall (Floyd Hill) 2021

The Clear Creek County Road & Bridge Department constructed a retaining wall associated with Meadow View Drive which was needed to address a roadway embankment failure.


The retaining wall was anchored into the slope with geogrid and faced with rock filled wire baskets


Construction of the Meadow View Drive Retaining Wall was completed in June 2021