Road & Bridge Infrastructure Projects

Clear Creek County’s Road and Bridge Department is responsible for the maintenance of approximately 150 lane miles of paved roads across the County, as well as 7 bridges that fall under the provisions of the National Bridge Inventory Standards over Clear Creek and other drainages, and 170 lane miles of unpaved roads and other streets. 

The steep terrain and multiple freeze-thaw zones that define the County’s topography require the Road and Bridge Department to prioritize its paving, maintenance and repair projects to ensure their functionality and public safety. 

Doing so allows fire trucks, ambulances and law enforcement to respond to emergencies, buses to carry our kids safely back and forth to school, and local businesses to serve residents and visitors.

Project Planning

The Road & Bridge Department has identified the following two priorities.  First, long-term maintenance projects along primary roads including Fall River Road, Old Squaw Pass Road, Witter Gulch Road, Alvarado Road and Stanley Road, as well as secondary roads like Alice Road, North Empire Road, Echo Lake Drive and Soda Creek Road.  In total, the County has maintenance plans for more than 20 primary roads and more than 40 secondary roads. 

Secondly, the County plans for major safety upgrades including signage, traffic-calming measures, guard rails, shoulders and rock mitigations.

This web page and the pages in the sidebar on the left hand side are meant to provide information on Road & Bridge Department infrastructure projects.   Although it is our intention to include the most updated information on this page, if there are questions about ongoing Road & Bridge infrastructure projects, please contact the Clear Creek County Engineer, Stoy Streepey at