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Zoning Classification

Rezoning Process Guide (PDF) 
Rezoning to Planned Development (PDF)
Rezoning (Downzoning from M-1 to M-2 only) Process Guide (PDF)

Division of Lands Classification

Major Boundary Line Adjustment Process Guide (PDF)
Minor Boundary Line Adjustment Process Guide (PDF)
Minor Subdivision Exempt Process Guide (PDF)
Multi-Unit Small Subdivision Process Guide (PDF)
Combination of Lots Process Guide (PDF)
Exempt IDL - Improved with CO (PDF) 
Exempt IDL - Improved without CO (PDF)
Exempt IDL - Unimproved (PDF) 
Full Subdivision Regulations
Exemption by Resolution Process Guide (PDF)

Amendment Classification

Replat Process Guide (PDF)
Major Plan Amendment Process Guide (PDF)
Minor Plan Amendment Process Guide (PDF)
Correction Plat Process Guide (PDF)


Amendment to an Approved Variance Process Guide
Administrative Variance Process Guide (PDF)
Board of Adjustment Variance Process Guide (PDF)

Land Development Classification

Development Review Process Guide (PDF) 
Areas and Activities of State Interest
Public Ways Review (PDF)

Miscellaneous Classification

Road and Easement Vacation Process Guide (PDF)
Transferable Development Rights Process Guide (PDF)
Special Use Permit Process Guide (PDF) 
Temporary Special Use Permit Process Guide (PDF)
Administrative Special Use Permit Process Guide (PDF)
Temporary Banner or Sign Permit Application (PDF)
Special District Service Plan Review
Relocated Mobile Home Registration (PDF)
Camping Permit (PDF)
Low-Power Telecommunication Permit
Administrative Low-Power Telecommunications Permit Process Guide (PDF)
Mobile Food Vehicle Permit (PDF)

Minor Camping Permit (PDF)

Major Camping Permit (PDF)
Pre-Application Process Guide (PDF)

Appeals Classification

Clear Creek County Board of Adjustment Applications for Appeal
Appeal to the Board of County Commissioners